5. Subdivisions & Plat Submission


   Dimensional Requirements: Information about setbacks, and minimum lot sizes. Lot sizes are determined on a mix of factors including zoning district, and the availability of public utilities. 

UDO Chapter 3 Subdivisions: contains information on access requirements etc
Chapter 3 Appendix: Contains certifications and plat requirements


Exempt and Minor Plat Certificates: Certificates required or applicable for minor and exempt plats.

   Email PDF of Preliminary Subdivision to: planners@co.rockingham.nc.us 
We appreciate if you can put a parent parcel number on the plat. 

2.   Please clarify if you are officially submitting the plat for review or just inquiring about feasibility

3.   We will submit comments back to you via phone or email. If there are not addresses for newly created lots we will provide them at this time.  

4.   After changes are made you can come bring a mylar to the Planning Department office for signatures. Review fee is due at the time of signature. We do not need a paper copy of the plat for our records but are happy to sign any paper copies for your records. 

5. After the mylar is signed, the runner or surveyor will take it to the Register of Deeds. Register of Deeds is located in the Justice Center. 


Major Plat Certificates: required or applicable for major plats

Are reviewed by our Technical Review committee that has the ability to meet two times a month. Please contact Carrie Spencer for the submission of Major Plats for review. A major subdivision is subdivision that creates 6 or more lots under 10 acres. 


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