Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips

This Weekend!! Day Light Savings Time 

 This Weekend Sunday,  March 10th is day light savings and with the clocks changing it is the perfect time for you to change your smoke alarm batteries.   At the same time test your smoke detector, check your homes extinguisher and make sure that your fire escape plan is up to date.    

Keeping Your Homes Fire Safe

You are the first line of defense when it comes to your home and the safety of your loved ones within your home.  These are just a few things that you can do to make your home a safer home when it comes to fire. 


E.D.I.T.H or Exit Drills in the Home

Each home should have an exit plan and each of the family members that live there should know the meeting place outside in case of a fire emergency.  To go a step further E.D.I.T.H, an acronym for Exit Drills in the Home, takes this concept of an exit plan and puts it into practice; just like when you are at work or school.  We practice fire drills at these public places on a routine basis so we know what to do away from home but practicing these at home is just as important. 


Kids and Fire

Kids should not have access to matches or lighters that could be used at the wrong time and place leading to a fire incident.  Matches, lighters and other fire related items should be kept up and away where only adults can get to them.  Kids very often find fire or sparks wondrous like the sparklers that they play with on the Fourth of July, but without adult supervision it is unsafe.  Keeping these items out of the hands of little ones can help stop burns or other injuries. 

Smoke Detectors / Smoke Alarms

Having Smoke detectors or alarms installed and maintained can help get everyone safely out of your home during a fire emergency.  Checking them at least each time we reset our clocks for day light savings time is a minimum but once a month is even better.  Making sure that the batteries are good and that the smoke detector is working properly is important because it could give you the few precious seconds needed to get out before the fire gets out of control.    


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