Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter

Here in Rockingham County North Carolina fire protection is performed by a special group of people, VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS!  This group is comprised of some of the most compassionate individuals that you would ever want to meet or be around.  They are highly motivated and willing to freely sacrifice their time, energy and if called upon their very lives to save another person.  They risk answering a pager in the middle of the night stepping up when the families they leave do not know if they will be fast enough, skilled enough to touch another’s life in time to make a difference; or if they will come back to them.   The choice to join this group of people is not an easy one, the challenges it will bring to you are not for the faint of heart but those same challenges are what makes the journey to stand and accept it worth doing.  Standing together with the others that have taken that journey with you will fill you with pride.  The memories that are made with them, the battles won and the ones that are lost create an epic journey from the first time you walk into a fire station to the day you hang up your gear for the last time.  This journey is a calling like very few others.   


That being said do you hear that call? 


Do you think that you want to join this fraternity…this family?  


If so the emails below are provided to reach out and gather more information.  Provide us your information and which area of the county you live in and we will get you in contact with the correct Fire and Rescue Agency. 


For more information email: or


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