4. Mobile Home Forms

Process for placing a Manufactured Homes in Rockingham County 

Required Singlewide and Doublewide Standards

Building Inspection Sheet - for Manufactured Homes

Setup and Installation Comprehensive Guidelines



1. Environmental Health Septic and Well Permits (Fees Vary) (may be handled separately or together)

Every home site must have an adequate water supply and septic system before a home can be located there. You may need a new septic system, connection to an existing septic system, a new well, or connection to a public water or septic supply. The following applications are taken in the Central Permitting Office and must be approved by the Department of Environmental Health.

For undeveloped individual lots that require new septic service or well:

Improvement Permit ($225) A site plan and other required documents must be submitted at the time of application for the Improvement Permit. An environmental health specialist will then determine if the property is suitable for placement of a septic system.

Authorization to Construct ($200)

Well Construction Permit ($350)

For lots or sites that have existing septic service, most often in mobile home parks:

Septic Reconnection ($120); or Septic System Expansion ($125)

Once the well and septic system application has been approved, you can move forward with the additional steps for permitting your manufactured home.


2. North Carolina Manufactured Home Moving Permit (No Fee)

A manufactured home moving permit is required for relocating a mobile home unless acquired from a licensed dealer or manufactured home sales establishment. The moving permit is issued by the Rockingham County Tax Department and requires you to have the VIN for the home. This is a free permit, however any back taxes that are owed must be paid in full to obtain the permit.


3. Zoning Permit ($40) (may be applied and paid for at the same time as the building permit)

A survey or site plan is required showing the location of the home on a new lot or mobile home park, all distances to the property lines, and distances to other buildings. A zoning review of property setbacks, building separation, and standards and appearance criteria will be completed by a member of the Planning Department.


4. Building Permit (may be applied and paid for at the same time as the zoning permit)

A building permit application must be completed with the signatures, license #’s, addresses, and phone #’s of contractors performing the set-up, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work. Structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits are covered in one package fee for manufactured homes:

Single-section manufactured homes ($150)

Multi-section manufactured homes  ($200)

5. Required Inspections
All manufactured homes require an initial “rough-in” inspection and a second final inspection. All work must be in compliance prior to inspection approval. See document “Mobile Home Set up and Installation Requirements” and “Manufactured Home Requirements Acknowledgement Form” Re-inspection visits will require a $25.00 re-inspection fee to cover additional time and mileage costs incurred.

**Central Permitting will contact the power company to authorize power when all requirements have been met.


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