Services to Adults

Adult Protective Services

Disabled adults are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. County departments of social services receive and evaluate reports to determine whether disabled adults are in need of protective services and what services are needed (as required by Article 6, Chapter 108A of the North Carolina General Statutes).

If you have a concern that an elderly or disabled adult is being exploited, abused or neglected, you can make a report at 336-342-1394, ext. 7168 or 336-342-3537 after normal business hours.

County agencies protect adults by:

  • Receiving reports and evaluating the need for protective services
  • Planning and counseling with the disabled adult, the family or caregiver to identify, remedy, and prevent problems which result in abuse, neglect, or exploitation
  • Reporting evidence of mistreatment to Law Enforcement, the District Attorney and various regulatory agencies when appropriate
  • Initiating court action as necessary to protect the adult
  • Mobilizing essential services on behalf of the disabled adult

Guardianship Services

Guardianship services are provided to an adult who is alleged to lack informed capacity and who may be in need of a guardian. The service includes the assessment of an adult individual's need for guardianship; activities aimed at locating the appropriate person(s) to serve as guardian(s); and providing information to the family on the process to petition for the adjudication of incompetence.  Additionally, if an individual is found to lack informed consent and the Clerk of Court has deemed the individual an incompetent adult, the agency may be appointed as legal guardian for an incompetent adult if no other appropriate individual or family is capable to serve. When the agency is appointed to be guardian, ongoing case work with clients for whom the agency's director or assistant director has been appointed as guardian is also part of this service. The following web site provide additional information concerning guardianship:


Adult Placement Services are activities necessary to assist aging or disabled individuals and their families or representatives in finding substitute homes or residential health care facilities suitable to their needs when they are unable to remain in their current living situations. Activities include completing an initial screening and assessment while providing guidance to help the individual and his family/representative to determine the need for initial or continued placement; assisting in the process for completing necessary financial application and medical evaluations; helping to locate and secure placement in a suitable setting and level of care and supporting an individual and his family or representative in the individual's transition from one location to another.

For assistance with mental health or developmental disability placement services, please contact the appropriate MCO (link is provided by county):

Adult and Family Care Home Monitoring

Social work staff routinely monitor licensed family care homes (6 beds or less) and adult care homes (7 beds or more) to ensure compliance with the rule and regulations according to General Statutes 131D-2(b)(1a). The social work staff will receive complaints and complete investigations; submit corrective actions and plans of protections; then follow up on the corrective actions of homes which are out of compliance. If you would like to file a complaint on a family care home or adult care home in Rockingham County, please call: 342-1394, ext. 7168 during normal business hours or at 336-342-3537 when the agency is closed.

Children and Families Prevention Services
This program provides social work intervention services which, in addition to core services, protect and promote the welfare of children, including the strengthening of their own homes where possible. Activities include gathering information about and assessing the needs and problems of a child within the context of family interaction, environment and/or coping patterns; helping a child and the family gain insights into and understanding of their needs and problems, and assisting them to know about and use other services and resources available to them. Activities also include collaborating on a case by case basis with individuals in other systems (e.g., judicial, health, education) to plan with and support a child and those involved with him through a crisis or an at-risk situation. These services may also include purchases to alleviate non-recurring, episodic events impacting the child’s welfare.

Integrated Case Management Services
This program coordinates, and/or monitors the delivery of health related/medical services on behalf of adults who have health or behavioral health conditions which have a significant impact on their day to day functioning. Social work staff will link the individual and family with Medicaid service providers to plan, carry out and maintain a health service plan. Examples of services include:

  •          Referring and/or coordinating Medicaid covered diagnostic services for individuals that have functional impairments or behavioral health disabilities, that require specialized health care procedures covered by Medicaid
  •          Performing functional assessments of strength and need assessments and providing follow-up contact to ensure that an individual has received the prescribed medical/behavioral health services
  •          Referrals or evaluations to Medicaid covered services to assist with case coordination for individuals with specialized medical or behavioral health needs
  •          Monitoring and evaluating the Medicaid covered medical components of the individual’s service plan and ensuring that service plan objectives are achieved and appropriate
  •          Participating in treatment plan meetings to coordinate and monitor the medical portion of a client’s service plan with other staff & gathering information for facilitating prior authorizations
  •         In-home training with a parent or family that improves the coordination/delivery of medical/mental health services to the client

Indigent Cremation Assistance:

Assistance is offered to families who may not have resources to bury or cremate a loved one. Families will not receive any other benefits, such a funeral service.  Families are encouraged to discuss their options with the funeral home of their choice. Inquiries should be directed through the funeral home.

General Assistance:

This program is designed to help families with children through a short-term crisis. This program can be used to pay or help pay past due rent to avoid eviction, final notices or disconnected utilities when the usual means of payment has discontinued through no fault of the client or there was unexpected expenses.  The program is not intended to subsidize those who have created their own emergencies.  It is not intended for those who have experienced no change in income, but simply failed to budget for routine household bills. 

What to Bring:

  • Proof of your family's total household income
  • The actual bill you are requesting assistance for
  • Receipts showing proof of unexpected expenses

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) provides for a one-time payment to help eligible low income families pay their heating bills.

Services for the Blind
This program provides services to enable the blind and visually impaired to function at their highest level of independence and self-sufficiency in everyday life. Staff will provide services such as specialized counseling and teaching services to visually impaired persons. For additional information, please contact 336-342-1394 ext. 7117.


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