Child Welfare

Child Welfare

  1. Adoption Services, both to children in need of adoption placement and to applicants wishing to adopt a child.
  2. Services to children with behavior problems or children with mental or physical handicaps by making referrals to appropriate agencies offering supportive services.
  3. Referrals of cases to local and other medical resources.
  4. Referrals to licensed day care facilities in the community.
  5. Cooperative services with schools of special problems for children who are receivng child welfare services:
    • Attendance
    • School behavior problems
    • Eligibility for special education classes
  6. Services to children in their own homes:
    • Protective (abuse, neglect, etc.)
    • Casework and counseling
  7. Prepare social studies for courts as an aid in determining custody of guardianship of children.
  8. Locating and study foster homes for children for licensing.
  9. Placement of children away from their homes when necessary.
    • Foster Homes
    • Child caring institutions
  10. Social studies and supervisory services to children placed for foster care across state lines, in accordance with Interstate Placement Statutes.
  11. Services to unmarried minor mothers, including assistance in securing maternity home care who are receiving child welfare services.
  12. Day care services for children (fees may be charged based on income).
  13. Issuance of work permits to minors under regulations of State Department of Labor.
  14. Vocational rehabilitation referrals.
  15. Investigation of out-of-town inquiries from other counties and states.

Child Welfare Program Manager: Cathy Murray

Child Protective Services - CPS (336) 342-3537

CPS Supervisor: Melissa Kaneko
CPS Supervisor: Wanda Wilson

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