Special Needs Registry

Special Needs Registry Application


The Special Needs Registry is a database containing information about individuals in Rockingham County with special needs who may require assistance in the event of a disaster.


Attached is an application for registration in the Rockingham County Special Needs Registry serves those who do not need hospital care but require special assistance.


In the event of a disaster or the potential for a disaster, the information that you provide in this application may be used to:

  • Establish contact with you to assess your situation and provide you with information you may need in order to prepare for or respond to a disaster;
  • Direct you toward the facility or shelter which is most suited to meet your needs in the event you are unable to remain home, or to make other arrangements for your care and safety;
  • Assist emergency service personnel and volunteers in providing services.


Who may be registered?


Eligibility for the Registry is determined on a case-by-case basis. Generally, those eligible do not require hospital care but may need assistance that cannot be provided by public shelter staff. This may also include individuals who are homebound. Examples of individuals with special needs may include:

  • People with minor health or medical conditions which require observation and monitoring that have been ordered by a physician;
  • People with contagious health conditions requiring minimal precautions or isolation which cannot be handled by general public shelter staff;
  • People with chronic conditions requiring assistance with activities or daily living, but not requiring hospitalization;
  • People with mental health or developmental disabilities that cannot be directed by general public shelter staff.


Participation in the Special Needs Registry is Voluntary. No on is required to participate. You will be included in the Registry ONLY with your permission.


Applying for the Registry does not guarantee that you will be included. Each application will be screened. Only those individuals who meet the criteria will be placed on the Registry. You will be notified whether or not you are included in the Registry within 60 days of receiving your application.


The Registry is designed as a means to contact individuals with special needs and help them get assistance during a disaster. Individuals on the registry decide whether or not to accept assistance and/or remain responsible for themselves in the event of an emergency.


NOTE: If there are specific medical concerns or additional information required based on your application, you may be contacted by a representative from the Rockingham County Emergency Management Special Needs Task Force.


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