Jordan Lake Watershed
Over half of Reidsville and a quarter of Rockingham County drain into the Haw River arm of the Jordan Lake Watershed.  The rules require these and other communities in the watershed to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus flowing into the Haw River by 8% and 5%, respectively.  Nutrients are found in fertilizers, animal waste and many other sources.  Excessive nutrients in our waters often result in algal blooms.  As algae break down, they deplete the water of oxygen making it difficult for fish and other wildlife to survive.  

Sediment is another by-product of algae.  Sediment clogs water treatment plants, making it very expensive to ensure citizens have clean and safe drinking water.  Jordan Lade serves as a municipal drinking water source for Cary, Pittsboro and other municipalities in central North Carolina.

Click here for a map of the Jordan Lake Watershed in Rockingham County.

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