Precinct Officials Duties


(g) General duties of all Precinct Official – All precinct officials, in accordance with elections statutes, with the rules of State Board of Elections and under the supervision of the county board of elections, shall perform all of the following:

(1)       Count votes when votes are required to be counted at the voting place, G.S. 163182.2;

(2)       Make an unofficial report of returns to the county board of elections, G.S. 163-182.2;

(3)       Certify the integrity of the vote and the security of the official ballots at the voting place, G.S. 163-182.2;

(4)       Return official ballots and equipment to the county board of elections, G.S. 163-182.2.;

(5)       Ensure that the voting system remains secure throughout the period voting is being conducted;

(6)       Ensure that only properly voted official ballots are introduced into the voting system;

(7)       Ensure that, except as provided by G>S> 163-166.9,no official ballots leaving the voting enclosure during the time voting is being conducted there;

(8)       Ensure that all improperly voted official ballots are returned to the precinct officials and marked as spoiled;

(9)       Ensure that voters leave the voting place promptly after voting;

(10)   Ensure that voters not clearly eligible to vote in the precinct but who seek to vote there are given proper assistance in voting a provisional official ballot or guidance to another voting place where they are eligible to vote;

(11)   Ensure that information gleaned through the voting process that would be helpful to the accurate maintenance of the voter registration records is recorded and delivered to the county board of elections;

(12)   Ensure that registration records are kept secure;

(13)   Ensure that party observers are given access as provided by G.S. 163-45 to current information about which voters have voted;

(14)   Aid any voter, as needed in curbside as provided for in G.S. 163-166.9

(15)   Provide Spanish ballot instructions as needed to voters, when such instructions are required to be available by law. Direct all language needs which can no be handled at the precinct to the county board office;

(16)   Register and help, at the voting place, those persons eligible to register and vote on election day as allowed by G.S. 163-82.6 (d);

(17)   Promptly report to the county board of elections, any physical or mental ailment, impairment, or deterioration that may adversely affect the performance of an election related task or duty.  Report any such conditions known in any other precinct officials to the county board;

(18)   Promptly report any violation of election laws or regulations to the chief judge, or to the county board of elections if the chief precinct judge is involved in the violation;

(19)   Provide any person who requests it any information on how to contact the county director of elections, the county board of elections. Or the office of the State Board of Elections; and

(20)   Work and stay at the voting place, at all times during the voting day, until closure. By prior agreement with the county board of elections and pursuant to G.S. 163-42, election assistants and emergency election day assistants may work less than the entire voting day.


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