Educational Programs

Contest Themes: 

  • 2017-2018 Water…the Cycle of Life 
  • 2018-2019 The Living Soil 
  • 2019-2020 Wetlands are Wonderful

Each of these themes will challenge students in grades 3-8 this fall when they compete in the Poster, Essay, and Public Speaking Contests. 


Poster Contest  - Grades 3-6: Students must create original posters  depicting   a story about the contest theme.  Posters are judged on the conservation message, visual effectiveness, and universal appeal.


Essay Contest - Grade 6:  Students write a 400-600 word essay showing they understand the theme content, using innovative writing style with a clear message easily understood by reader, correct grammar, proper paragraph transitions with good opening and closing  tie-in with the theme.  Essays should be neat  and meet all contest rules in order to be considered.

Slide Show or Power Point Presentation - Grade 6:  Students produce a powerpoint presentation that shows they understand the theme content, using no more than 15 slides. Slide shows must be created using Microsoft PowerPoint software or they must be viewable as a slide show on a PC computer.  Slide shows shall not exceed a maximum of 5 minutes in length.

Public Speaking Contest - Grades 7-8:  Students gave a 4-6 minute speech  and are judged on comprehension and knowledge of subject, organization, originality, skillful use of facts, example, descriptions, speaking skills such as voice and diction, style, body language, poise, eye contact and rapport with the audience. 


Digital Poster- Grade 9: Students create a poster on the computer that depicts the contest theme. Posters are judged on the conservation message, visual effectiveness, and universal appeal.The poster should be submitted electronically ONLY in one of the following approved file formats.

 GIF Graphics Interchange Format

 JPEG File Interchange Format 

 PDF Adobe Acrobat File 

 PNG Portable Network Graphics Format

 PPT Microsoft PowerPoint File 

 PUB Microsoft Publisher File

 TIFF Tag Image File Format 


 All posters will be judged electronically. There is no requirement for printing. 



All contests follow guidelines established by the North Carolina Association of Soil Conservation Association and are administered by the local districts.

For additional information, call the district office at 342-8230 or go online to

Other Program Offerings:


Envirothon Competition


Educational Curriculum:

Envirothon Food, Land & People for Grades K-12. Lessons that show the interdependence of food production, land management, and human needs. 


We will be happy to come to your school or organization and give presentations on topics related to water, soil, air quality, recycling or we will design a program specifically for your group. 


We also invite you to visit our environmental education center located at the Upper Piedmont Research Station property on Wentworth Street in Reidsville.  Take the time to walk the three-mile trail starting at the "red barn" beside Chinqua Penn Plantation and end at the "shed" where there is a display about soils and groundwater on the property and in Rockingham County. 



A variety of videos and printed materials are available for use in the classroom through your local soil and water office. 


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