Landfill (Solid Waste Disposal)
Rockingham County Landfill Hours of Operation:
281 Shuff Road, Madison, NC  27025    Monday thru Friday: 7:30 am - 4:15 pm
PO Box 132, Wentworth, NC  27375 Saturday: 7:30 am -12:30 pm
Phone:  (336) 427-4789    Sunday: Closed
Fax:       (336) 427-5483

Solid Waste Program Manager: Kathryn Jolly Landfill Operations Manager: Edward Shelton
Email: Email:

**Attention: Click here for information regarding fee changes to Inert Debris & Scrap Tires effective 07/01/20**
Master Fee Schedule effective 07/01/20, which includes Landfill Fees, can be found here.

Upcoming Landfill Holiday Closings: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Rockingham County's  2020 Holiday Calendar

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 Landfill Convenience Center


The Landfill Convenience Center is located just past the Scale House and is available to residents who bring their trash and recyclables to the Landfill for disposal. Trash is placed in the 40-yard containers on the left side of the Convenience Center and recyclables are placed to the right in one of the two stationary compactors. Recyclables accepted are all kinds of paper (newspaper, office paper, datalogs, cereal boxes, paper bags and cardboard), glass containers, metal cans and all plastic containers. There is no need to separate the recyclables as they are all mixed together with our comingle process. Please do not put plastic bags or Styrofoam with the recyclables; they go in the trash. There are also designated areas for used oil/oil filters recycling and electronics recycling.


**Please refer to the  Recycling section on this website for picture examples of recyclables.                                                        

Materials Banned From Landfill Disposal:

  • Televisions & Computer Equipment *
  • Liquids
  • Hazardous Wastes *
  • Lead Acid Batteries *
  • Aluminum Cans *
  • Yard Trash
  • Whole Tires *
  • Rigid Plastic *

Can be recycled at:  
    Landfill Convenience Center

    Regular Landfill Hours                             

  • White Goods (Appliances) *
  • Used Motor Oil* 
  • Used Oil Filters *
  • Anti-freeze *
  • Oyster Shells
  • Beverage containers from ABC Permitted Facilities *
  • Wooden Pallets *

Permit by NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources
Requirements for Permit: Liner, Leachate collection, gas and groundwater monitoring both closure and post-closure


July 1, 2020 Landfill Tipping Fees

This is to provide notification to Rockingham County landfill users of the tipping fees effective July 1, 2020.  These fees have been approved in the budget by the Board of County Commissioners for the upcoming budget & post-closure, 2020.  These fees reflect the financial analysis conducted for the landfill operation as well as operational expenses. 

NOTE: The North Carolina Solid Waste Disposal Tax, effective 7-01-08, is not included in the Tipping Fees per ton.
The Tax will be collected at a rate of $2.00 per ton in addition to the listed Tipping Fees.


Scrap Tire Tipping Fee: Effective July 1, 2020.  These fees have been approved in the budget by the Board of County Commissioners for the upcoming budget year beginning July 1, 2020.  These fees reflect the financial analysis conducted for the landfill operation as well as operational expenses.  

*For the complete Master Fee Schedule, including Landfill Tipping Fees, please click here.

**New**  Change to Master Fee Schedule regarding Scrap Tires * effective July 1, 2019 

Scrap Tires Approved for Free Disposal - Approved scrap tires for County residents (non-commercial) limit of 5 passenger tires per visit, limit 2 visits per year.  Residents must present valid NC Driver's License and proof of the tire purchase in NC at the scale house before disposal is permitted.

Unless prior approval from the Landfill, commercial tire companies will be limited to 200 tires per week, per company, for free disposal and must submit the approved NC forms at the scale house before disposal is permitted.

Individual User Fee Schedule

The approved individual user fee or flat fee is $12.00.  This fee is based on average weights of this type of waste brought for disposal.  This fee is set up on a graduated scale depending on the type and size of vehicle and trailer used to bring waste for disposal.  This waste routinely goes into the convenience containers at the landfill entrance area. 

In some cases, an option to have the waste weighed may be offered or required.  Such weighed waste will not go into the convenience containers, but will be sent to the landfill working area for disposal.    

For a Rockingham County Landfill Application for Credit, click HERE.  Send completed application to: 

Rockingham County Finance
Attention: Michele Trent
PO Box 41
Wentworth, NC 27375
Fax: 336-342-8105

NCDOT Secure Load Brochure PG.1

The Landfill began charging a $10 additional fee effective July 1, 2014 for any vehicle entering the Landfill with an uncovered/unsecured load.  This fee will be paid prior to leaving the scale on the way to the Convenience center/Landfill face.  

This policy was enacted to help reduce blowing litter on Rockingham County roads and at the Landfill.  If you have questions, please contact Kathryn Jolly at (336) 347-2025.

For more information on securing loads and North Carolina's litter laws please visit the following sites: 

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Rockingham County Clean!


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