Special Programs

Teen Court 
This is a peer sentencing program designed to provide an alternative method of dealing with first time, non violent offenders between the ages of 11 and 17, who have committed misdemeanors.   The program is based on the idea that peer influence in the court setting will have a more immediate and meaningful effect upon the individual than the traditional juvenile justice approach. Interested 9th-12th graders may apply as volunteers to act as attorney, bailiff, clerk or juror. Volunteer applications are accepted in May.

Community Service/Restitution 
This program offers adjudicated and sentenced youth appropriate life skills and work opportunities to learn logical consequences for their negative behaviors and to earn and repay court ordered restitution to victims.  Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from work sites and helping to ensure the youth is successful in completing their court requirements.

Students of Success (SOS)
Students of Success is an after school prevention program for middle school students held at three middle schools in Rockingham County. Goals include improving academic performance, developing civic responsibility and increasing parental involvement.  Program includes tutoring, mentoring and enrichment activities. Begins in October and continues throughout the school year.  

Substance Abuse Prevention Education
Substance Abuse Prevention Education class is for middle and high school youth who have experimented with and/or abused illegal substances. The program is designed to educate youth about the dangers of substance abuse, including tobacco, marijuana, alcohol and prescription drugs. Participants learn the short term and long term physical effects of drug use as well as the negative impact on relationships with friends and family. The program includes instructional videos and activities, as well as discussion about participants' attitudes and personal experiences regarding drugs and alcohol. The goal of the program is to steer youth toward making better choices.  Program consists of four one-hour sessions.
Students of Promise
Students of Promise (SOP) gives interested high school students the opportunity to become role models for middle school students by mentoring students in the Students of Success program.  Mentoring opportunities involve academic, social, civic and career-building skills for the purpose of promoting behaviors that lead to good citizenship.  Students of Promise have the opportunity to become more active in their communities as they assist the Students of Success participants with service learning projects.  Begins in October and continues throughout the school year.
Fresh Start
Fresh Start is operated in Rockingham, Stokes and Surry Counties with Rockingham as administrator. Program components include family therapy and cognitive behavioral group therapy for parents and clients. Program is specifically for juvenile court referred youth.

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