Individual Counseling


Individual Counseling, including Anger Management, is offered for at-risk youth ages 6-17. The intent is short-term counseling for 3 to 9 months. The goal is to help children and adolescents in a variety of problem areas including emotional problems, behavior management and family relationships.  Anyone may refer.


Family Counseling


Family Counseling is based on the framework that a child's behavioral improvements are lasting because the structure of the family system has been changed. Family Counseling treats the family system and focuses on the family as an interdependent system of individuals in relation to one another.  Anyone may refer.  


New Hope Peer Support Group


New Hope is a therapeutic support group for youth who have experienced trauma (an emotional response to events such as accidents, physical or sexual abuse, family dysfunction, loss, etc.) Based on Seeking Safety curriculum by Lisa M. Najavits, it adapts cognitive behavioral approaches to address coping skills, which include safety, grounding, asking for help, taking care of self, red/green flags, honesty, triggers, self respect and healing from anger.  Anyone may refer.




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