County Manager Honors Cory Scott as BOSS OF THE MONTH
Posted on Tuesday June 11, 2019
Cory Scott of Reidsville is BOSS OF THE MONTH! He's been busy with 2019 Rockingham County Food Drive!

County Manager Honors Local Resident as

"Boss of the Month” - Cory Scott of Reidsville  

Wentworth, NC (June 11, 2019) – Local residents are top priorities for Rockingham County Government, so County Manager Lance Metzler thanks and honors them with a "Boss of the Monthrecognition.  Metzler announced today he is honoring Cory Scott of Reidsville as "Boss of the Month."

Cory and his wife, Jackie, are recent transplants to Rockingham County from Corning, NY.  They relocated to Reidsville in July of 2018; have six children and seven grandchildren.  He said they moved to Rockingham County because his wife’s parents (in mid-80s) and sister live here.

His previous work experiences include 39 years as a human resources specialist/manager/director:  15 years with General Dynamics and 24 years with Corning, Inc.  He has an undergraduate degree and a MBA in Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Recently, Scott has been busy with the 2019 Rockingham County Food Drive supporting co-chairs, Ann Fish and Blake Dawson.

Asked why he loves Rockingham County, he explained:  "I really like the quality of life here; light traffic, plenty of services, everyone seems friendly; and good medical care right here in town. Most of all, I like the value I get from my tax dollar!"

County Manager Metzler said he thought honoring a resident visiting the County Governmental Center is a wonderful way to show the County's appreciation and to reinforce to County employees that their responsibility is to SERVE citizens.  Residents honored are displayed in the Governmental Center, via social media, local news outlets, and the County's homepage at: 


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