National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)


The Rockingham County Board of Commissioners adopted a formal resolution on October 5, 2015 declaring the Month of October as Cyber Security Awareness Month. This is the second consecutive year that our Governing Board passed this resolution joining so many other state and local governments across this nation. Our County Commissioners understand the importance of the Cyber threats we face today in our community and continue to support the awareness efforts in order to strengthen the Cyber Security posture of our County.

Please thank each of the Commissioners for their continued support!


Week 1: General Cybersecurity Awareness: 5 Years of Stop.Think.Connect.™

October 1-2

Marking the fifth anniversary of the Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign, week one focuses on cybersecurity as a shared responsibility, and provides simple online tips to empower all Americans to be safer online.

Keystone Event: The Organization of American States Cybersecurity Workshop, Washington, D.C. 

Week 2: Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work

October 5-9

Highlights the common threats businesses and employees are exposed to and provides resources for business and employees to stay safer online and enhance their existing security plans.

Keystone Event: U.S. Chamber's Fourth Annual Cybersecurity Summit, Washington, D.C. 

Week 3: Connected Communities: Staying Protected While Always Connected

October 12-16

Emphasizes the importance of protecting ourselves when connecting to the Internet while on the go. Week two provides best practices for using mobile devices and social media, and encourages us all to become better digital citizens in our communities.

Keystone Event: The National Cyber Security Awareness Month Cybersecurity Event with Comcast and NBC Universal, Los Angeles, CA 

Week 4: Your Evolving Digital Life

October 19-23

Highlights the “smart world” we live in and the importance of educating all citizens on cybersecurity as more and more of the devices we use – from phones and tablets to homes and medical devices – become connected to the Internet. Week four provides a current snapshot of technology and where we envision technology taking us in the future.

Keystone Event: NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony & Luncheon, New York, NY 

Week 5: Building the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals

October 26-30

Week five looks to the future of the cybersecurity workforce, focusing on cybersecurity education and awareness in schools at all levels, and emphasizing the need for properly trained cybersecurity professionals.

Keystone Event: Educause Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN


Get Involved

  • Use the National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015 hashtag #CyberAware in your social media messages.
  • Join the weekly National Cyber Security Awareness Month Twitter Chat series on Thursdays in October at 3pm EST using #ChatSTC.
  • See what National Cyber Security Awareness Month activities are taking place in your area.
  • Find information on how your government, law enforcement, business, school, or organization can take action.
  • Teach elementary, middle, and high school students about Internet safety and security.
  • Post cybersecurity tips, news, and resources highlighting National Cyber Security Awareness Month on social media sites.

Year-Round Tips and Resources

Americans can follow simple steps to keep themselves, their assets, and their personal information safe online. Here are a few tips all Internet users can leverage to practice cybersecurity during National Cyber Security Awareness Month and throughout the year:

  • Set strong passwords and don’t share them with anyone.
  • Keep your operating system, browser, and other critical software optimized by installing updates.
  • Maintain an open dialogue with your family, friends, and community about Internet safety.
  • Limit the amount of personal information you post online and use privacy settings to avoid sharing information widely.
  • Be cautious about what you receive or read online—if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

For tips and resources you can use and share throughout the year, visit the DHS Stop.Think.Connect. Toolkit and find resources for the following demographics:


Last year, not unlike so many other organizations, our Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution proclaiming October 2014 Cyber Security Awareness Month in Rockingham County. With the month of October quickly approaching, 2015 marks the 12th year of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and we have a lot of exciting things happening right here in our County. Stay tuned and continue reading for more information.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) – celebrated every October - was created as a collaborative effort between government and industry to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online.

Since its inception under leadership from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, NCSAM has grown exponentially, reaching consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, educational institutions and young people across the nation. 

With recent legislation and support from the White House, cybersecurity is continuously a popular topic of discussion and rightfully so. More specifically, there is even stronger focus on consumers and their cyber safety. Everyone at every age is a consumer, and thus this year each theme will focus on the consumer and his/her needs regarding cybersecurity and safety. This year also marks the fifth anniversary of the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. campaign. NCSAM 2015 will highlight the overall message of STOP. THINK. CONNECT. and the capstone concepts of the campaign: “Keep a Clean Machine,” “Protect Your Personal Information,” “Connect with Care,” “Be Web Wise” and “Be a Good Online Citizen.”

Presidential ProclamationPresident Barack Obama once again declared October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month for 2014. See the proclamation here.

Find out more by visiting

Our Shared Responsibility

We lead Internet-connected, digital lives. From our desks and homes to on the go, we work, learn and play online. Even when we are not directly connected to the Internet, our critical infrastructure—the vast, worldwide connection of computers, data and websites supporting our everyday lives through financial transactions, transportation systems, healthcare records, emergency response systems, personal communications and more—impacts everyone.

Cybersecurity is the mechanism that maximizes our ability to grow commerce, communications, community and content in a connected world.

The Internet is a shared resource and securing it is Our Shared Responsibility. Our Shared Responsibility is once again our theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015.

No individual, business or government entity is solely responsible for securing the Internet. Everyone has a role in securing their part of cyberspace, including the devices and networks they use. Individual actions have a collective impact and when we use the Internet safely, we make it more secure for everyone. If each of us does our part—implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating young people or training employees—together we will be a digital society safer and more resistant from attacks and more resilient if an attack occurs. 


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