Safety and Risk Management

The County's Safety & Risk Management Department is dedicated to administrating the loss prevention activities, according to Federal and State law, in conformity with generally accepted safety and risk management principles. The Department continually analyzes loss trends and strives to provide the strategic planning and expertise required to reduce County losses and maximize savings.


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The 'At Work' sessions meet every Thursday at the Governmental Center from noon to1 PM. Please call 336-342-8100
to confirm sessions are active.

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Risk Management

The County's Safety and Risk Management Department is responsible for the assessment and control of claims, insurance and self-insurance programs and policies/procedures related to employee and workplace safety. The Safety and Risk Management Department consists of Employee Safety

  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Workers' Compensation

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Lisa Joseph

Safety & Risk Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does a

citizen file a damage claim

against the County?


Answer: If you feel the

County is responsible for

personal injury or property

damage, you may call the

Safety & Risk office to file a

claim. Please be prepared to

provide" date, time and place

of the alleged loss, brief

description of the

circumstances, and names

and numbers of witnesses, if



Question: What happens to

a claim after it has been filed"


Answer: A Claims Adjuster

will review the claim and any

additional supporting

documentation. After the

claim is reviewed, you will be

contacted via mail or phone

by the assigned Claims



Is the County

responsible for vehicle

damage resulting from a pothole,

manhole and/or other

road hazards?


Answer: State highways

and County roads are not a

part of County Government

and are maintained by


The County is not legally

liable for damages in these

types of cases. This type of

incident is considered a road

hazard in the State of North

Carolina. This type of damage

is usually covered under the

Collision coverage of your

personal automobile policy.




The Wellness Program

The Rockingham County Employee's

Wellness Program is a voluntary

program to promote activities that will

provide incentive to county employees

to improve their health by developing

behavior patterns that support

healthier lifestyles.

Incentive awards are given to

encourage employees to participate in

regular physical fitness activities and

proper diet. Earned points are

recorded and reported on a monthly



Several other initiatives are scheduled

during the year including in part:

  • Free Annual Health Risk Assessment
  • Access to Free Wellness Clinic
  • At Work Walking Initiatives
  • Bowling Leagues
  • Weight Watchers At Work
  • Holiday Weight Control Challenge
  • Free Access to RCC Fitness Center 







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