FREE COLORING BOOK & CRAYONS: Let’s Keep Environment Clean!
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Posted on Tuesday May 22, 2018
Click link for free coloring/activity book & crayons that highlight how to "Keep Our Environment Clean in Rockingham County!"
Tell us why we should "Keep Our Environment Clean in Rockingham County, NC!"  Click HERE to receive a free coloring/activity book & crayons!
Rockingham County Government has made keeping the environment clean and think green top priorities with Curbside Recycling Programs, recycling education, and littering/dumping prevention projects.  This 16-page coloring/activity book will give you an opportunity to promote the significance of keeping the environment clean.

This coloring/activity book and crayons will hopefully educate and entertain all ages.  Families may discuss together the various topics and issues highlighted in the book.    

Please encourage your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to complete the online form to receive a free "Keep Our Environment Clean in Rockingham County, NC" educational coloring/activity book and crayons.


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